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We do everything in our power to make each project awesome. Some are tougher than others but we love the chalenge.

We’re obsessively passionate about it, and our mission is to help people achieve it. Founded by Werner Openshaw who has years of experience in various industries such as Move Your Ass Marketing one of his first companies that was a huge success and has helped hundreds of companies and established as many brands. We believe in providing an affordable service according to your needs and budget. And by getting your brand/product seen in the best possible way.

What We Do



We have a solution for any budget and idea. Your brand will be out there.



We have you fighting for the right team we will help your brand stand out like no other. We will make sure you turn heads.



We offer a range of Marketing Solutions to clients from Strategy right through to Digital Marketing



With us nothing is a thumb suck. We have tried and tested and we know what will work saving you money. And spending it where it matters.


Website Design

You don't have to pay an arm a leg and your two front teeth for a brilliant website. We have a package for any budget. And we do it rite we don't do "half ass" work excuse the pun


Search Engine Optimisation

We do SEO from the start so that the first sniff Google gets matters and your keywords will be picked up.


Social Media Management

We all know it is a must to be seen on the facewho's and instawhat's. We do a full strategic plan with a schedule and you will be frolicking with the top of the top.


Google Adword

We stand for a website that works for you so why not use Google Adwords to your benefit too. And be visible everywhere.


We do whatever it takes

We are know for innovative ideas and dong things differently. We try not to do normal.


Social Media Training

Providing Training to our clients to help things run smoothly is one of our many services. We will provide training to the relevant members to save money unless you would love to give us all your money every month.

Methodology that works

We are not the cheapest out there but you pay what you get for, We are brilliant at what we do and we wont make an “ass” out of you it is our job to make you better than you have ever been.

General Process Flow


You communicate with us and we set up a meeting to discuss requirements.


We make sure we understood you correctly and we come up with an outline of a plan.


When happy with the requirements and plan we send through a quote.

Sign Off

You sign off the quote and pay us some of the Madiba’s and we prepare the team.


We start the work, we deliver and you are happy and then the process starts again on another process.

Web hosting

We provide you with the correct hosting if you are a low flyer or getting a million views a day.

We offer stable relaible hosting solutions with virtually zero downtime

  • Shared Hosting
  • Dedicated Hosting
  • Cloud Hosting
  • Specialised Hosting

Get hosting and domain for as little as R99/month.

No Contracts

We are there for you 24/7 with the support you need.

SEO Friendly Websites

We mainly use WordPress for building our sites to ensure versatility and reliability.

Signage & Branding

Long defined between different software testing courses on the market so far it was not by chance that I got to the master class from Skillogica. Never in my life have I met people with such burning eyes and it bribed instantly. The first month of training is coming to an end and I did not regret for a second about my choice - where else you will find teachers not just "having experience

Jansan Kate, USA
Cras dignissim

During my time at the Skillogica courses, all these people became just another family for me, with whom I always wanted to share my successes and failures at the interviews. As far as I know, in the concept of courses such a message was laid and, as I see it, was successfully implemented.

Jansan Kate, USA
Cras dignissim

Go crazy with Skillogica! Guys - you lit such an Olympic flame in me that probably will last for several years (and if we change, then for centuries it will be enough for everyone). During the training I became practically "Evangelist" Skillogica. I speak about you to everyone, always and everywhere. I believe in you! Why? You are professional and patient, like teachers.

Jansan Kate, USA
Cras dignissim

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